Nancy Ridenour

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After 32 years of teaching biology at Ithaca High School, I am emerging as a photographer.  Although I have recorded much of my life and travels with transparent slides, I am now enjoying the present digital photography.  I feel the digital approach allows more spontaneity for capturing an image that might be useful for an artistic manipulation.

Although I photograph many subjects such as the massive cement sculptures in the Cornell Arboretum, the structurally impressive buildings in cities, the elegant Florida Birds, and flowers found during travels and in my own gardens, I find the post processing of the images the most challenging and satisfying.

When I started this journey of digital photography, I thought it would be fun to digitally extract parts of the images and put them back together in collages.  The new piece emerged from parts of the original and took on a character of its own. I found that pleasing and pursued the technique over the years with several different subjects.

For this present show, I chose to focus on a black and white theme with all subjects manipulated to some extreme to produce the final product.  The Cement Sculpture Abstracts are bold and require selective extractions that balance each other.  I chose to extract part of the Florida birds to reflect only suggestions of their presence.  Once could interpret this as concern for the continuation of the vibrant species they represent. Macro images of flowers are soothing and nurture calmness and reflection.

At this time of isolation, I feel it has been a time for reflection and analysis of the next emergent artistic journey.