Diana Ozolins

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These paintings are metaphors for loss, painted to externalize tumultuous and overwhelming feelings in order to make them manageable and restore equanimity. Loss is universal. Everyone experiences loss at some point in their lives. People walk around with invisible holes in their hearts from the loss of loved ones or lose their homes suddenly in the cataclysm of floods, tornados, and hurricanes. Refugees leave their homes and wonder if they will ever navigate through the rocky path to the light beyond. This is particularly timely now, as we engage in social distancing. We have lost the company and touch of those we love, and the sense of agency that we get from gathering together, shopping, going to work or school. We can feel very small in the face of big events that we can’t control and to which we can’t see an end. Regardless of the cause, people can find themselves staring down a vortex of despair. My hope is that these paintings resonate with you for a moment of quiet reflection on your personal life and the universality of loss in our lives, our community and beyond.